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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


WOLF began handcrafting 4 generations ago in Germany, moving to Sweden and then England. Today we continue the tradition in our own private facility in China, where all of our products are handmade by artisans and engineers.  
WOLF jewellery cases and accessories are handcrafted in genuine leather. Leathers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth while mirrors can be cleaned using a mild glass cleaning solution. 
In today’s world we walk with our phones in our hands and sit at desks for most of the day. We don’t move enough to keep the rotor inside the watch rotating. Most mainsprings require 80% to 90% tension to be fully wound. Normal activity only winds our watches 50% to 60%.

Our watch winders are designed to wind the mainspring up to 80%. Placing your watch on a WOLF is the convenient solution and best practice for your watch’s health. WOLF owns the patent that counts turns per day, keeping your watch as accurate as possible. With over 185 years of innovation and patented technology, WOLF watch winders are uncomplicated watch care for your modern lifestyle.

The name Jowissa is a combination of the sur- and last name of the company founder Josef Wyss. 
The expected battery life is 2 to 4 years depending on external factors like heat, and cold weather. Jowissa uses standard silver oxide battery cells. 
Leather straps should be washed with water. Head over to your local watch dealer to get a special leather cleaning product. 
Leonard originated from France, established in Switzerland in 2001 and rebranded in 2018. 
They have a mother-of-pearl dial for the women's collection La Mode Cushion. 
The La Mode Crystal collection starts at 36mm, with 10 pieces of Sapphire Crystal and a mother of pearl dial.
All Leonard watches by EaglesGate has a 1-year warranty and a 5ATM water resistance. (shower-proof)
Chronoforce is made in Switzerland. 
Our Chronoforce watches are made using quality stainless steel and high quality automatic Japanese made movements.